With only one winner a non runner and two unplaced my four for fun doesn’t look to good but with the only winner at odds of 20/1 combined with the non runner still makes a small profit so not all bad news. 

If your looking for winners like this then follow this blog or follow me on twitter @marty1367 i can’t guarantee you winners at 20/1 every time but i will say i predict my fare share of nice priced winners and in my book thats what it’s all about is it not so tell your friends to come and visit my site and follow me too there will also be links to some of the best free tipping sites on the web you will find from time to time some other interesting posts to view.

I would also like some feedback about what sort of content you would like to see here and what you would not so please feel free to leave a comment or two and don’t hold back as any and all opinions whether good or bad will be gratefully accepted, anything to make this site better for all my followers so don’t delay follow today, thanks.

My predictions will be posted sometime soon for tomorrows racing and a special prediction for tomorrow nights WORLD CUP semi final will also be posted so stay tuned for an exciting day tomorrow.




just an ordinary guy trying to enjoy life and find the best in people and giving a few great deals to as many people as possible along the way so look great feel gorgeous or handsomely healthy inside and out.

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Twitter Horse Racing Tipster Competition

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