How close was i there about the GERMANY game i said it would be close and went for GERMANY to sneak it 3-2 and they nearly did, still you can’t get much closer than 2-2 and GHANA had their chances to win it also all in all told you it would be a nice game for the viewer to watch albeit the game didn’t really spark into life until the second half but what a second half it was for me it’s been the most entertaining 45 mins so far in the world cup. Just the NIGERIA v BOSNIA HERZAGOVINA to come tonight if my prediction strike rate is to be consistant then it’s got to be a nigeria win. 

P.S. only one winner on each yankee tonight and a couple of places but no prizes for seconds so near yet so far away i’ll stick at it and i’m sure it’ll all come together some time sooner rather than later me hopes well stay tuned for more predictions to come                 



everybody gets to a certain point in life when circumstances and your own inner thoughts and the lessons learned throughout our lives have managed to shape our own self belief and acceptance that to have true inner peace and some say enlightenment or transcending higher plains of reality into tranquility and peace of mind but meditation and relaxation are the key to accepting that your the one thats really in control of your own destiny and not life controlling your circumstances to a destiny you cannot stop, only change by random choices and lets be honest life is just an ongoing serious of choices we have to make and just hope and pray that more good choices are made than bad as right and wrong are only words that are used to scare the god fearing people and keep a difference between us fear and unknown just need to be accepted and understood by all people and believes. the secret is compassion and selflessness towards others. thats me and i believe in karma good people can get good karma but first one has to be totally selfless and put other people first and foremost before yourself , do that and good karma will come to you in more ways than you can imagine be a selfish person and think only of yourself then you deserve what awaits you thats a fact what goes around comes around

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